political correctness

His faux alternative to Comedy Central's "brutal" Alec Baldwin insult fest will make sure you don't take offense.
But she said in a new statement she still believes that "any actor should be able to play anybody."
The actress reportedly opened up about "political correctness" in an interview with As If magazine.
"For me, ‘politically correct’ means, you know, be a human being, be mindful of being kind," the “Veep” star told Vogue.
"Stop working sooooo hard on being politically correct," the president tweeted after the network didn't air Pirro's Saturday show.
PETA's suggestion that some phrases are anti-animal attracted a lot of catty comments.
The Emmy-award winning comedian says it's about money, not political correctness.
Kelli Ward’s campaign had suggested John McCain announced he was stopping his cancer treatment to distract from her primary race.
We know it’s hard to believe, but sometimes Donald Trump doesn’t lie. Here are a few of those very rare occurrences.
Bob Murray, who has heavily influenced the Trump administration's energy stances, said climate change is only an issue of "political correctness."
Sheriff Tracy Murphree warns that America "will die of political correctness."
It’s no longer okay be prejudiced in public. You’re forced to give other people consideration. Deal.
"They used to call it 'Man of the Year,' but they can’t do that anymore."
The so-called "identity liberalism" that Lilla believes problematic is the much needed, long awaited second phase of justice in America.
"It's about not oppressing a group of marginalized people... But it's mostly about not being a jerk."
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