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The Republican front-runner is skipping the Fox debate and allowing rival networks to cover his competing event live.
When female candidates are running for office, is the media coverage different? It's not only female politicians' personalities
Fearful of appearing biased, the elite political press failed to call sufficient attention to the Republican Party's radical agenda and disdain for facts. The result is that in the name of balance, the press actually put its thumb on the scale, and prevented a true reckoning.
With the exception of Fox News, all media reporters will fill in the time originally allotted to the election with coverage devoted to the possible unearthing of former Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa from a home in Roseville, Michigan.
“The whole point of the book is complexity,” Kantor says. “If you wanted to say something simple about Obama, you’d write
With information as abundant and instantaneous as it is, what's valuable nowadays is the ability to distill that information and interpret it.
Memo to political reporters: Enough already. Is it really necessary to allow operatives from one campaign to attack another