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Rubio took every chance he could to position Trump as dishonest, while Cruz condemned him for donating to Hillary Clinton's
As others have pointed out many times, during the challenging times and amid layoffs at HP, Carly chose to purchase Gulfstream corporate aircraft. This doesn't sound like great judgment. Now we're being asked to open up the office of the presidency.
Ever since JFK, aided by the first nationally televised debate, won the 1960 U.S. presidential election over rival Richard Nixon, television has owned the political discourse. The revenue bonanza from each election season is proof enough that no other medium can compete.
We've now had the opportunity to view debates from both major parties. Not to worry, with the election almost a year away there will be countless more. Did anything change for you?
From the Black Lives Matter movement to marriage equality, social issues will play a prominent role on the 2016 campaign trail.
When you read the description of Best of Enemies, which had its world premiere this week in the U.S. Documentary competition at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, "hilarious" is not the first word that springs to mind.
At Tuesday's Illinois gubernatorial debate, candidates Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn and Republican Bruce Rauner clashed about issues important to the African-American community, such as jobs, education and dealing with violence in communities.
The 2008 political campaign undoubtedly changed how politicians view the importance of the Internet. Some have said that without the Internet, President Barack Obama wouldn't have been elected.
Today, black magic is out, replaced by blogs and picket lines where the Halloween witch can express her complaints about social injustices without the risk of being burned at the stake.
The 24-hour news cycle is not always conducive to objective truth-seeking. Instead, it is often more proficient at focusing on surface generalizations and reaching premature and sometimes baseless conclusions.
American ideas are important, an essential element for charting our future. Unfortunately, we may be losing our ability to discern quality debate.
Are the citizens of this country, by virtue of our general lack of political fluency, the cause of this lackluster discourse? The numbers support the idea. We need to set a new standard for our political leaders' fluency in policy.
Centre is honored once again to host the only vice presidential debate of 2012. Now is a good time to consider the effect that this debate, and the other three debates between President Obama and Gov. Romney, might have on this year's election.
As The Huffington Post reported in February, a study published in the journal "Psychological Science" showed that children
I hope you see that brainless banter is powerless against my secret weapon. If you're intent on starting it, please do us both a favor and don't choose me.
Everyone complains about shouting heads on cable TV and the sorry state of our political discourse, but few people seem to realize that we can do something about it.
Last week Chicago lost a legend. Conservative radio host Tom Roeser died at the age of 82. I'm not the only one who will remember Tom as one of those unforgettable, iconic figures that don't come along often.
Our modern questions about the role of government and the allocation of social resources are truly ancient questions that are not resolved by sound bites on television.
Let's face it, once the language is absorbed into the culture, even if things do get ugly, doesn't merde sound nicer than the alternative?