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Many of those contributions came from people who donated less than $200.
Hey, America! No more withdrawal cynicism. Shaping up or shipping out your members of Congress can be our great national civic hobby!
The latest fundraising reports were dismal for Carson's flagging campaign.
But polling, at whatever stage of the campaign, has proved a very effective peg on which to hang fundraising efforts. The
For months, the media frenzy has persisted as 2016 presidential candidate speculation runs rampant. While the Democrats have relative clarity regarding their ticket, their Republican counterparts face a much more convoluted path.
There is more and more evidence that Democrats and progressives are discovering the power of taking on big money in politics as a central issue in their campaign strategies.
If I get one more email asking me for money to stop the Republicans from impeaching Obama, I may have to change my email address. And if I were a Republican, I'd probably feel the same way about an endless stream of emails asking for money to stop Obama from exercising dictatorial powers, to sue him, or possibly impeach him.
I am tired of emails. Not because I get too many of them (I do). It's because most of them are pretty dumb. I am what they call in the trade a "base voter." Also consequently, I am on everyone's email list.
Aside from the lack of language skills, Kennedy is a much better choice than most campaign bundlers who get plush ambassadorial posts for no other reason than having fundraised for the winning presidential candidate.
All three pieces of legislation have as their main feature an alternative campaign funding system that would allow participating
Fantastic fundraising and/or personal wealth does not correlate to good governance. Hence, our congressional representatives are poor governing officials, but fantastic fundraisers. How do we fix this all at once?
The events rapidly pick up in the weeks after Thanksgiving, with congressmen and senators of both parties hosting fundraisers
The election is over. I am left with two very contradictory feelings. First is the one of appreciation -- every four years
As pundits prepare to dissect every word that comes forth from Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in tonight's debate, their analysis is likely to once again lack examination of the most immediate and critical effect these major events have on campaigns: online fundraising.
2012-08-28-scblog2.png The skyrocketing amount of money in politics is destroying the ability of public servants to do their jobs. I would be shocked if members of congress are able to devote even half of their daily schedule to the actual job for which they were elected.
Before 2012, there were tried and tested rules of political email. Today, campaign emails look a lot more like Groupon daily deals, and this is no coincidence.
Faith and Freedom intends to focus on several big swing states including Florida, Ohio and Virginia, and used micro-targeting