political ideology

Reports that Iraqi Baathists, Iranian elements, and others have played a role in the workings of ISIS do not appear to be in keeping with the principle of ideological purity on which the Islamic State says it is based.
In the last month, Britain has witnessed the kind of once in a generation political instability that will end up being taught
He fared equally well among New Hampshire's moderates and staunch conservatives.
The blindness of American Christians, as they hurl insults at Islam, is evidence that religion as a source of right relationship with God and therefore with others, is fueling further religious intolerance, even as it ignores its own terroristic tendencies done in the name of its God.
I believe the appeal to Westerners to join ISIS is a piece of a larger pattern, namely, a reaction to the vacuum they experience; they miss an ideology, a compelling vision that drives them.
Are we becoming a more polarized people? Media coverage generally reinforces what is most conflicted about our politics. This adds up to a highly polarized and dysfunctional national politics.
Ideology is overly broad. It simplifies arguments, obscuring inconsistency of thought and differences between individuals. It provides security and community at the expense of this simplification.
Inadequately educated citizens see the world in black and white, settle for sound bites rather than discourse, fail to distinguish information from disinformation, and succumb to manipulation by clever attack ads and faux news.
So, which came first? Did the media become so individualized and then people realized they never had to hear an opposing
I have good friends. They are in a mixed marriage: she's a Republican, he's a Democrat. Both take their respective affiliations seriously. They've always made their union of political opposites work. But this season, there is coolness in the political air.
I am grateful to have moved beyond the blinders of my family's politics. I am grateful to know my own mind, one that is progressive and liberal, and that neither of those are dirty words (and neither is conservative, for the record).
An election year is the perfect time to think about what influence our own family communication patterns have had on our political orientations and behaviors, as well as those of our children.
Here, there are no billboards. Instead, it's a constant interplay between state-sponsored murals and guerilla graffiti artists.
There aren't too many things that can be satisfactorily explained with a single, two-valued variable like left-right. And I never found satisfying a discussion of which of the Republican candidateswas farther right or who was more conservative.
By targeting risk factors and having specific solutions, we can expect to prevent most crime before we have to punish it. Be wary when you hear politicians promoting one-step solutions to crime. The real world is complicated and so are the solutions.
Rick Santorum is absolutely right that higher education is a liberal and secular force in our society at present. But he's also highly simplistic in his view that it creates liberals or atheists -- or that it intentionally discriminates against conservatives or the devout.
We need to develop a "Fourth Way," the American Way -- neither left, right, or bipartisan, but a non partisan common sense program for American civic renewal.
If you find many of your views differing from your current group's views that you have affiliated yourself with, then you
There is a policy myth is that churches and charities alone could take care of the problems of poverty -- especially if we slashed taxes. But this really has more to do with libertarian political ideology than good theology.