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After Orlando, Trump vowed to "protect" Americans from violence, but curiously, he has made no such vow now.
At the same time, he defends a GOP bill that made it easier for the mentally ill to get guns.
With Transviolet’s latest EP Kaleidoscopes playing on Spotify around-the-clock at her office, McTaggart’s mother constantly
An “existential crisis” inspired Democrat Chris Hurst to run for a Virginia House of Delegates seat. His past as a TV journalist could help him win.
The Women's March co-chair explained why the organization is protesting the NRA.
At least 7,000 people are dead and martial law has been declared in one region of the country.
A growing body of scholarship on homicide in the region should help policymakers identify the most important drivers to craft
The president's latest appointee to the Department of Health and Human services is a long-time promoter of a dangerous, ineffective abstinence-only agenda.