political movies

Sometimes, movies help us escape the real world, while other times, they may help us make sense of it.
We thought it would be fun to pit some of the fake politicians from TV and film against actual politicians. It might not
Why does Lincoln never get dated? Why can his story be told again and again, and never seem to wear out its welcome? I think it has something to do with how visceral our needs are for equality -- equity in opportunity, justice and dignity.
By way of television, politics has become a form of entertainment, dominated by money and profit, imagery and spin, hype and personality. So maybe it's time to turn off the tube and pop in a DVD.
Ron and Laura Take Back America was born. A sort of modern day All in the Family, Ron and Laura are surrounded by all the things they are trying to take America back from -- African-Americans, undocumented immigrants, Muslim-Americans, gays....
As a rule, political movies are never expected to do that well at the box office, but as an actor it has to be fun to play
Since it's Oscar season -- and that always gets me thinking about the movies I like -- I thought I'd share with you five political movies worth seeing:
If Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story paints an accurate portrait of Atwater's psyche, it was certainly tragic for Lee as a human being.
I tend to use films as a vehicle for escapism. That's quintessentially American: As the Baltimore Sun reports, in five of the past seven recessions, box office sales have jumped.