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The Trump Phenom and Republican sweep have roots that go even deeper than the inaccurate polls. The recent past tells the
The next President of the United States will have the ability to nominate not only one, but up to four, new Justices to the Supreme Court. The rights of LGBTs, women, children, seniors, patients, and immigrants are at stake in this election. Texans, think twice before you head to the polls to register your "protest vote".
Senator Elizabeth Warren wasn't always the face of progressive politics. Although we now know her as a liberal icon and powerful
Democrats are also against "the use of student test scores in teacher and principal evaluations." Obviously, they didn't
It is true that Americans are more cynical about Washington than ever. To gripe that "the system is rigged" is to utter the catchphrase of the year. But it is important to understand just how little difference such attitudes make here in the nation's capital.
But even the non-affiliated voters mean no mischief, why should they have a say when they do not have enough commitment to
RD: This is just one of many cases. A problem with landfills is most of them were created 40 to 50 years ago, without the
For the parties, affiliation is akin to control. If they can get someone to join their team, it's much easier to influence that person in favor of their candidate and against their opponent.
United States political history (at least its first half century) was punctuated by collapsing party systems. Political parties
Speaking in a southern drawl from Memphis, Tennessee, Darryll Castle, Presidential nominee for the Constitution Party answered my questions.