Political party

Beirut was rocked by the most violent government crackdown on protesters since nationwide demonstrations began two months ago.
Some daters are quick to assume moderates on dating apps are really just Republicans in disguise.
The former Starbucks CEO promised not to be a spoiler for the 2020 election if he enters the race as an independent candidate.
"Both parties are not extreme," the "Real Time" host said.
New and very different parties are needed if we want to take the world in a sustainable direction.
The attack underscores the difficulties Pakistan faces on its wobbly journey toward sustained democracy.
South Dakotans will vote on three initiatives that, if taken together, could change the face of state politics. The city
A recent New York Times story ("The Obama Years: The Best of Times to Be a Stock Investor," by Jeff Sommer, August 19, 2016) made the case that the past few years were terrific for stock investors, as the market has nearly tripled during Obama's years in office. The author also makes the point that "Fed interest rate policy may be the single most important factor behind the stock market boom."
We believe that George Washington would be celebrating the bringing together of opposites to have a living room conversation to soften hyper-partisanship.
When analyzing the words of Tea Party candidates and Tea Party websites, it's obvious there's only one solution to the dilemmas passionate conservatives now face: A third political party in the United States.