political violence

Police are investigating if the killings of four Muslim men in Albuquerque are connected.
A victim told HuffPost that the agitated driver careened into protesters on purpose in downtown Cedar Rapids. At least one person was hospitalized.
The "Tonight Show" host delivered a sobering statement about the violence at the Capitol.
Sure, they stood by an unhinged president for years. But now they are taking a stand against violence — two weeks before they wouldn't have a job anyway.
The pages were removed only after an inquiry from HuffPost, as concerns grow over Facebook's ties to escalating political violence in the U.S.
There have been nearly 11,000 demonstrations in the U.S. this summer -- as well as a rising tide of state repression and vigilante violence.
The conservative propaganda machine is trying to find acts of "antifa violence," to ascribe their own issues with white nationalism and extremism to the left.
A new “superbody” assembly has been formed in Venezuela, taking power from its elected government. It’s feared President Nicolas Maduro will use the assembly to rewrite the constitution, to make himself a dictator.
Sadly, getting Donald Trump out of our lives is likely to be far more difficult an operation than simply voting him down as president in November.