The president's signature stands out on the document commemorating the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.
The previous tallest politician measured in at 6 feet, 7.5 inches.
A video of a teenager egging a politician who blamed Muslims for the Christchurch mosque attacks has gone viral.
A new study challenges the conventional wisdom that nativist politicians are gaining ground simply because countries like Sweden now have more foreigners.
The senator earned respect from both sides of the aisle, and tributes from the likes of Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Paul Ryan are proof.
"How did we go from a president who could not tell a lie to politicians who cannot tell the truth?"
“What if our politicians weren’t the b***h of the NRA?"
Political leaders are trying to ease escalating outrage over the killing.
"Show us you’re better than the other politicians," student David Hogg said.
Women are sorely underrepresented in politics. In the January 2017 Congress, women will take 21 out of 100 total seats. There
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And that, my friends, should you care to know, is what I am for. It's a bit like when a pig and chicken were talking about
I typically agree with much of what David Brooks has to say. However, I'm afraid that he was way off the mark with his article "How Covenants Make Us." Demographic diversity in the United States is a good thing. The problem has to do with the lack of integration and assimilation of demographically diverse communities.
Truthfulness is best judged in the mirror. It is reflected in integrity and character. If you are true to yourself and strive to be in your thoughts and actions, you have achieved greatness.
There is no doubt that this is going to be an enormous, gigantic, gargantuan deal in months to come as the documents reveal how one firm helped the one percent launder money, dodge sanctions and evade tax with help from accountants, lawyers, banks and trusts.
Williams McCants explains why the refusal to take in refugees is a "severe overreaction."
Politics not only challenges human nature, which limits one's senses and imagination, but it also challenges one's patience and capacity to handle pleasures of every kind.
For any serious student of marketing and media seeking a perfect pop culture storm, I give you the man currently dominating the race to be the U.S. Republican Party's 2016 presidential candidate.
The victories of both Schwarzenegger and Ventura do have one very important lesson to teach, one that so far is mostly being ignored by most everyone in the political world. The lesson might be phrased: "Strange things happen when the political and entertainment worlds collide."
While many people might not take him seriously as a candidate for president of the United States, his rhetoric is scratching the proverbial itch of Americans through his no-holds barred, bold and direct, politically incorrect approach to the country's problems.