A Donald Trump lie has won the title for a third year. He's the only person to ever win it more than once.
Lawrence did not respond to my request that she sign the Fake News Pledge, and she still has at least one fake-news meme
Lundberg: I have always been as careful as I can in not promoting inaccurate information. However, there is a troubling element
One big problem. While the first sentence is Obama's, the second was never uttered by him. But in doing so, some of them
By now we've all heard about it. Facebook has a fake news problem, a rampant epidemic of phony and outrageous headlines in which a fraction-of-a-penny-per-click gets traded for lies.
Follow their work on this Twitter feed. Also, PolitiFact staffers will annotate the debate transcript in real time on the
Two hopefuls have taken their place in the center of the ring. Donald Trump is playing his reality game against viable contender Hillary Clinton who is said to be playing her woman's card. So who do we believe to be telling the truth and do we dare call them on their lies?
When Poll was asked if there were a sufficient number of false Trump statements to keep the show on the air. The Fox Broadcasting
In August 2014, as the race between former Gov. Pat Quinn and Bruce Rauner hit full throttle, no issue was more hotly contested
We begin cutting through the clutter today. Gov. Bruce Rauner repeatedly has been saying Illinois has lower family incomes