Polk County

They were reportedly too intoxicated to do so themselves.
Ulises H. is in U.S. immigration detention, but he and his family believe he is a U.S. citizen. Currently, Ulises is detained at the Polk County Adult Detention Center, which was deemed one of the worst immigration detention facilities in 2012 by the Detention Watch Network.
Furlong had been photographing birds at the Circle B Bar Reserve, a former cattle ranch turned wildlife-filled nature preserve
After that brand-new LEGOLAND Florida Hotel opens in 2015, what piece of old Cypress Gardens will Adrian and the Merlin Entertainments team next try to revive / restore?
While we may always have bullies, we don't always have to have bullying. We owe it to our children to protect them and provide a school and community environment where they can successfully and fearlessly learn and grow.
Dear Polk GOP Executive Committee Member, I am writing to inform you that I changed my voter registration to Independent
When it comes to the sex trade, there always will be occasional, much publicized sweeps of prostitutes and johns in some seedy section of a city. There always will be some righteous state legislators, too, introducing virtuous bills targeting some aspect of this socially unacceptable behavior.
Brelon Small is wanted in Florida's Polk County for failing to register as a sex offender, according to the sheriff's department
Jacob David Hartley, 20, admitted to authorities that he shook the 3-week-old boy last Thursday afternoon before going to
Wachs accused Judd of harassing and unnecessarily arresting her, finally filing a suit in Federal District Court in Tampa
"When you're on a plane and it's going down, the last thing you should be concerned with is your seat location or the food selection," [Polk County Republican Chairman] McLaughlin said ... discussing the importance of candidates keeping the national debate focused squarely on the economy, as opposed to social issues such as same-sex marriage or abortion.
The girl told police she "felt like a sex slave" throughout the seven-month ordeal. A Florida cop and a school bus monitor