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In all but four states, private citizens can challenge someone’s right to cast a ballot on or before Election Day. In most places, the burden of proof then falls on the voter.
Poll Monitor: Cheating. Rigging. That type of thing. * * * Peter Mandel is the author of the read-aloud bestseller Jackhammer
On Wednesday night, Fox's Sean Hannity returned to video clips of the man, identified by the network as a New Black Panther
Ellis Jacobs, an attorney and volunteer with Election Protection in Montgomery County, Ohio, told The Huffington Post this
Are you a reporter covering polling places? If so, you've probably already familiarized yourself with the rules of polling places. But what you may not know could make you look foolish. Here are a few myths you should avoid repeating.
Metz, however, would not answer questions about how the list was created. "That I cannot speak upon," he told HuffPost. "That