You probably don't want your kids eating snow if you live in an urban area.
Researchers say we may be 5 years away from a cure for asthma.
Unfortunately, those tiny colorful microbeads in your hand soap, facial cleanser and toothpaste are causing major damage to our natural ecosystems and the wildlife that inhabit them.
While the Black Chamber's opposition may be sincere, it also provides big business advocates with a bit of diversity cover -- striking since people of color actually stand the most to gain from the short-term public health benefits of the rule.
4. The Bathroom Quick! When was the last time you washed the bath mat in front of your tub or shower? If you remember vaguely
A U.N. panel of scientists says it is at least 90 percent probable that manmade greenhouse gases are the main cause of recent
For more information on the methods behind this interactive, click here. This new study used computer models to estimate
The good news is that the EPA is working to limit these harmful power-plant emissions and will impose stricter standards on toxic air pollutants. However, there is still work to be done.
You may hear it called black carbon or even elemental carbon. Scientists getting technical will call it the "light-absorbing part of particles suspended in the atmosphere." Let's just keep it simple and call it soot.
“I brought my kids to the store here in Bethesda, Maryland, and when I heard them say, ‘Mommy, you did it,’ I just wanted
2012-05-03-Screenshot20120503at9.29.37AM.jpgLast Call at the Oasis highlights global water crisis but opines that the "glass is half full."
I guarantee that most scientists, myself included, would love to make their reputation by refuting the whole notion of global warming. We have tried and have concluded that we can't.
The Mercury and Air Toxics Standards set the first-ever national safeguards to limit power plant releases of mercury, arsenic, chromium, nickel and acid gases, making this is one of the largest steps to protect our kids from air pollution in a generation.
Residents worry about spills in the river, and wonder if oil lapping at the coast has affected their faucet water. Local, state and federal authorities, however, say the city's tap water meets and, under some criteria, exceeds their standards.
Last night I was struck dramatically by more courage. I saw the film Gasland.
After a tornado destroyed 95% of the town, Greensburg, Kansas reinvented itself by striving to become the greenest community imaginable.
In past years, as many as 4 percent of all deaths in the United States were attributable at least in part to air pollution. What's a living organism to do? We can't stop breathing.
Imagine being able to sidestep encounters with common urban pollutants like benzene, carbon monoxide, ammonia, and nitrogen