Beyond their incredible ability to let things go, dogs seem to have a way of understanding us. They see how we stress over the small stuff, but they never do.
Find us a better video of a puppy sneezing, we dare you.
Jin Dan eventually came down on all fours, apparently resigned to his fate. As Rocket News and Gawker both pointed out, it's
Watch in this video from lovemypuppies315 as a beautiful moment is captured on camera of a Husky lovingly grooming a cat
I recognize the power of Boo not only for my daughter and her cultural imagination, but also for me own sense of connection with Athena. The dog is indeed damn cute, and the Boo empire is still currently in the ascent, expanding along with the contours of modern media to the point that we may one day, all of us, live in a state of Boo-ness.
Bandit the Maltese-Yorkie mix likes to hang (ten) in the Hamptons while sporting a shaggy surfer do. Blue the Great Dane