Scientists speculate that a box of crystals, amulets, beetles and miniature figures of animals and penises may have been used for luck or fertility rituals.
The steed was found wearing an elaborate military harness and bronze trimmings.
"Wile E. Coyote's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather."
Antonio Petracca, White CLoud Temple (1998), wood molding, oil on canvas attached to wood and screws, 72 x 12 inches But
Source: The Wall Street Journal Those running from are propelled by the blast, kicked in the heels by the shock. Covered
Archeologists uncovered the remains of four young people who took refuge inside a shop nearly 2,000 years ago.
The site is so well-preserved archaeologists know what was served for dinner.
Seeking skeletons, mummies and other human remains -- seeing dead people for fun -- is a pursuit I've dubbed "cadravel," from "cadaver" plus "travel."
I can speak Latin. Yes, this infamous dead language is still very much alive, and nowhere more so than in the halls of private schools. So when can you use Latin if you can't speak it to anyone? The answer is everywhere.
Bastille are currently touring the states briefly via the Mercedes-Benz Evolution Tour before heading abroad to finish up their run. Before you check them out, here's a few things you should know about their stateside shows.
The ink, as it turns out, was not absorbed by the papyrus, and the bumps, a tenth of a millimeter high, show where the ink
Total theaters: 2,965 Total gross: $12,600,231 "Winter's Tale" Total theaters: 2,753 Total gross: $19,075,290 Total theaters
The comma is one of the oldest marks of punctuation. It was created over 2,300 years ago by a Greek scholar named Aristophanes, head of the fabled Library of Alexandra, in a punctuational big bang that also gave us the colon and the period.
Most of the time, a song gets stuck inside your head for hours, days courtesy of a catchy chorus or well-written verse. In the case of Bastille, however, their orca-whale-sized hit "Pompeii" produced a mind gloriously filled with repeated "eh ohs."
The last time we checked in on Peter Hollens, he was bringing the a cappella heat hard with his cover of Ed Sheeran's "I
Contrasting the crumbling state of Pompeii to the success of the Italian film "The Great Beauty", which won the Oscar for