Thankfully, the ponies were found in time and are now well on the road to recovery.
The first thing anyone ever notices about Jenny Vidbel is her smile. It's the purest smile I've ever seen. It emanates from a soul steeped in genuine gratitude, abundant joy and love for her craft.
When the dog bites, or the bee stings, or I'm feeling sad, Maria has a number of solutions. But not all favorite things are created equal. Here, we rank them from least to most helpful in a tough situation.
So warm! Yes, that really is the color.   For more from Maria Rodale, visit www.mariasfarmcountrykitchen.com Lupines as seen
Miniature horses and ponies are actually not the same thing. Mini horses are often bred to look like a smaller version of
The moment the word "trip" left my mouth, I burst into tears. I had been holding my emotions in all day, trying to stay calm for my daughter. But as I recounted that day's events to the nurse I couldn't do it for a second longer. I tripped, my daughter hit her head and now we're in the ER.
The Shetland Islands are a rugged country full of shaggy cows and tiny ponies who grit their teeth against the cold winds
"Ponies" is a real throwback movie -- very character-driven, very New York. Does that kind of film appeal to you? I've been
For a hot minute, I couldn't decide if this strategy is the dumbest thing since "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" or if it's pure genius. I was stuck with an uncomfortable in-between feeling.