ponzi scheme

It's unclear whether the president will consider the notorious Ponzi schemer's clemency petition.
The strong returns it claimed drew in new investors. In reality, the firm's executives overvalued its investments, such as
The not so-surprising outcome? Everyone who invested lost everything. All. Of. Their. Money. Which meant my $5000 disappeared
China's mishandling of its financial markets continues to reverberate through its own economy and global financial markets.
Two points were made in the October debate that deserve scrutiny. One was voiced by several candidates, from Senator Rand Paul to Governor Chris Christie: Namely, that the government has been "stealing" from Social Security. The other is that Social Security is a giant Ponzi scheme Let's discuss why this is a terrible misrepresentation of this program and how Social Security actually works.
If you are presented with an opportunity to invest in an unregistered offering, in addition to thoroughly investigating an investment--and the expert selling it--you should be on the lookout for some potential scams.
I am writing this piece to fully investigate for myself, whether Higher Education is a Ponzi scheme. For the past year now, after leaving the system, I have had a growing suspicion that it is.
There were several reasons I parted ways with my early conservative evangelical roots (among them was that I was thrown out), and trying in vain to accept the idea that Jesus died for my sins was a big one.
Eleanor Squillari joins HuffPost Live to explain why she thinks that Bernie Madoff was a sociopath.