What's the one thing in life that will never let you down? A dog. We've proven time after time that dogs are one species
I stopped, pulled over and walked back to the dog. He was still standing guard on the bridge. As I approached, he began barking, then jumped down behind the bridge and started to run. I turned my back and sat on the bridge to see if the dog would settle down. I was in no hurry.
Judging by Cooper the poodle's face, we think he's probably definitely having the best time in his whole entire life on this
For a few hundred dollars, you can mold your pet's nose and turn it into a sterling silver necklace.
Creative pet grooming competitions prove that dogs can be your best friend AND best work of art.
Police confiscated all of the dogs and tracked the car to a 68-year-old woman whose daughter bred the dogs. Hawaii News Now
We did everything possible to give Crosby a good life. He had some health problems, and he had behavior problems -- he was extremely unruly. We took him to obedience class. I had reservations but never gave up on him. He challenged us in every way.
Taylor said they weren't sure who had been leaving dogs at the PetSmart, but that it was potentially a hoarding or breeding
All she ever asked for was her food, her time outside, some chew toys, and occasional belly rubs. In exchange, she gave an extraordinary amount of loyalty, affection and entertainment.