pool safety

About 70 percent of kids under 5 in drowning accidents weren't meant to be near a pool at the time.
Hotel staff found several youths lying motionless on the pool's deck after CO levels reached 16 times the safe limit.
Lifeguards are not there to be babysitters. Our job is to help in an emergency, but we are watching lots of kids at one time, not just one.
As has been widely reported, the American Red Cross has recently received criticism for a water safety poster we produced. Anyone who has seen the poster in question knows that the content is clearly unacceptable, and I want to sincerely apologize for its production and distribution.
The warm beautiful weather, outdoor activities and family fun are plentiful this time of year. Unfortunately, so are the opportunities for sunburns, heat rashes, bug bites, water dangers and many more summer activity hazards. Here are five summer safety tips.
1. DEET. Parents love to freak out about it, but the fact is, DEET works, reducing the risk of those nasty insect-borne diseases
When the summer weather gets really hot, nothing feels better than jumping into a lake or a pool filled with refreshing sky
Tragedies like these happen to other people, we often think. It doesn't happen to us. Especially something like drowning, because that seems so simple to prevent.
Gilchrist recommends early swimming lessons so that children and adults alike have this important skill. Additionally, for
CDC Water Quality & Health Home C.S. Mott Children's Hospital National Poll On Children's Health Beach read? Check. Sunscreen
My message to parents this Memorial Day weekend is a simple one: be aware of pool safely and be vigilant in and around the water.
While the majority of adults were talking to each other at a Fourth of July party I attended, the children were frolicking in the pool. This got me thinking about water safety.