Portable pools and inflatable hot tubs to turn your yard into the coolest swim club around.
Did you know a person can still drown 24-28 hours after resuscitation? You may be surprised at what drowning really looks like. Follow these drowning prevention tips.
You'll be the star of summer when you show up at the lake, pool, river or beach with any of these water toys.
It seems many people are hesitant to combine their fear of heights with their fear of drowning.
We found inflatable pools for small spaces for under $150.
Pools, lakes and even tubs (for little ones) can provide plenty of fun and relief from the summer heat. But as families take to the water this holiday weekend and beyond, there is reason for extra caution: Almost 800 kids drown each year and two-thirds occur in the summer months (between May and August).
As we focus on child safety tips this summer, one of the most dangerous incidents happens in the water. Originator of the Distress vs. Drowning person classification, Dr. Francesco Pia talks us through water safety tips.