My husband "tries not to let it get to him, and I can tell he’s working hard to keep up appearances in front of me and the few friends who still speak to us."
If you're transgender or an immigrant or just poor, Trump and his most hateful backers don't believe you deserve access to health care.
Trying to save money can lead to some funny stories. Just ask comedian Jesus Trejo.
Not even the middle class is a clear winner in the Republican plan.
Politicians are capitalizing on the middle class with rhetoric that appeals to them, or urging the poor to vote for them
People from small towns are the new scapegoat for all that is wrong with the country. A recent online article titled The
So, put your identity where this writer told what has happened to gay people in America. How does it feel? Fearful? The president
There was some rather important economic news yesterday, which could be summed up as "things are getting better."
Today, September 1st 2016, is a momentous occasion. All over the world, Christians from every major denomination are uniting