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Americans revel in tales of a "big con" like The Sting and Ocean's Eleven. Medicaid has an ongoing big con that is huge yet so well hidden that We the Sheep do not know we are being fleeced... by our own government.
In the House and Senate budget proposals for fiscal year 2016, passed with only Republican votes at the end of March, there are big winners and big losers. The big winners are defense spending and contractors and very wealthy people and powerful special interests. The big losers are children, our poorest group in America, and struggling low- and middle-income families.
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A good job may be hard to find in this tepid recovery, but low-wage work still abounds. Whether it's washing dishes, serving Big Macs or folding sweaters for a store display, low-paying jobs have been added to the American economy at a fairly brisk clip since the recession ended in 2009.
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Politicians ignore low income working families at their political peril.
It's very easy to look at the numbers and think only in abstract terms. But I prefer to think in concrete terms -- what do those figures mean when considering what someone needs to live?
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Theologically, these proposed cuts are a sin. They would harm the most vulnerable among us and endanger the planet. There is no getting around it: the House GOP budget is an immoral document.
The president needs to take a more public role in addressing the issue of poverty. We need his voice now more than ever.