Poor People's Campaign

Rather than play by Mitch McConnell’s rigged rules and double standards, Democrats must come up with a new playbook.
The progressive pastor was arrested in Chicago while demonstrating with workers demanding union rights.
The 50-year-old anti-poverty movement has seen a revival in the era of Trump.
Fifty years after his original vision, Dr. King would be appalled.
The movement demands lawmakers do more to help Americans in poverty, from supporting a $15 minimum wage to ending systemic racism.
“The time is now — more than ever — for us to have a Poor People's Campaign.”
We know what to do to end child poverty if we want to in rich America. The U.S. Census Bureau reported this week that the
This April marks the one year anniversary of the 2015 Baltimore rebellion and the 48th anniversary of the 1968 Baltimore rebellion.
We must act upon his warnings if our children, nation's future and founding principles -- subverted and still sullied by the legacies of slavery, Native American genocide, exclusion of women and non-propertied men of all colors from our electoral processes -- are to be saved.