Poor People's Campaign

Low-income voters helped deliver Joe Biden victories, especially in battleground states, concludes a study by the Poor People's Campaign.
Rev. William Barber’s Poor People’s Campaign is leading a 27-mile, multiday march against voter suppression, urging Congress to take action on voting rights.
The West Virginia Democrats held a private meeting with workers and anti-poverty activists campaigning for a $15 minimum wage.
Rather than play by Mitch McConnell’s rigged rules and double standards, Democrats must come up with a new playbook.
The progressive pastor was arrested in Chicago while demonstrating with workers demanding union rights.
The 50-year-old anti-poverty movement has seen a revival in the era of Trump.
Fifty years after his original vision, Dr. King would be appalled.
The movement demands lawmakers do more to help Americans in poverty, from supporting a $15 minimum wage to ending systemic racism.
“The time is now — more than ever — for us to have a Poor People's Campaign.”