Pope Francis

The pontiff included the “commercialization” of pregnancy in an annual speech listing threats to global peace and human dignity.
Pope Francis in a Christmas Eve homily said that “the clash of arms even today” prevents Jesus “from finding room in the world.".
The Vatican holds that marriage is an indissoluble union between man and woman. As a result, it has long opposed same-sex marriage.
The Vatican's very first criminal case revolved around a former Harrod’s warehouse being converted into luxury apartments.
"The place is already prepared," the pontiff said of his burial site.
Pope Francis told a meeting of the heads of Vatican offices last week that he was moving against Burke because he was a source of “disunity” in the church.
The pope is recovering from the flu and lung inflammation, the Vatican said.
Pope Francis held separate meetings at the Vatican with relatives of Israeli hostages and Palestinians living in Gaza.
Bishop Joseph Strickland had said in interviews he would not leave his post voluntarily.
Pope Francis responded to questions from five conservative cardinals in a way that marks a reversal from the Vatican's current official position.