Last week the media world turned on its head again after Pope Francis agreed that the Catholic Church owed an apology to gays. But his statement, while positive on its face, deflected from horrendous remarks Francis himself made in the past and which he can and should personally apologize for right now.
The program for an event Belgau addressed last year at the University of Notre Dame said he spoke of "a faithful and orthodox
Among the many innovations Francis has made since his election two years ago this month has been a new tone and approach
Over 50 percent of the country's 5.4 million people must turn out to the ballot in order for Saturday's vote to be legally
My imaginary friend Stella and I, having fled an Italy crushed by inequity, thought at the time that there was precious little to lose. But Italy is changing. For real. And Stella and I are changing along with her. For us it's a wonderful breath of fresh air to realize that there is still a country we can return to, and for which we can still have hope.
Pope Francis, are you on board? You certainly seemed to be when, for example, you knelt to wash the feet of prison inmates, including Muslims.
I bet you all the money in the Vatican's coffers that Bill Donahue of the Catholic League is still screaming in his office -- or on Fox News -- as you read this. So I take all of this "news" with a grain of salt -- a huge grain of Mediterranean Sea salt.
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“If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?" the pope stated last year. Francis
Catholicism is fundamentally constructed of a doctrine that very concretely determines the way of life and church politics. But Francis shows little nerve for change when it comes to this doctrine.