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Now, however, the world is dominated by “the simultaneous increasing integration and increasing fragmentation,” the Rev. Bryan
Haviv Rettig Gur, Diana Buttu and Rev. Paul Raushenbush join HuffPost Live to discuss if Pope Francis can help bring peace to the Middle East.
Rev. Paul Raushenbush and Diana Buttu join HuffPost Live to discuss the significance of Pope Francis' visit to the Middle East.
Pope Francis' historic trip to the Holy Land sparked hopes that he could help bring about peace in the Middle East, as he
His commanding presence has given Palestine's Arab Christian community hope and strengthens their resolve to remain rooted to their land and to affirm their role as part of a unified Palestinian people. That may or may not have been on the papal agenda, but it may well be this papal visit's most significant contribution.
Nikodemus Schnabel, the church spokesman, said a book of personal prayers was set on fire. A wooden bench and small crosses
Pope Francis has shown us a faithful, peaceful approach to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. All of us can follow his example. We are all Pope Francis now. It is up to all of us.
JERUSALEM (AP) - Pope Francis prayed on Monday at Jerusalem's Western Wall, the holiest place where Jews can pray, and deviated
The Vatican spokesman had suggested that with such a grueling schedule, Francis might not have the strength for a press conference
For the past week, it's all that Khaldoun Barghouti, a resident of Ramallah in the West Bank, has seen on TV, heard on the