BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - Argentine club San Lorenzo will name its new stadium after its most famous fan: Pope Francis. San
MANILA, Philippines - In Asia's bastion of Roman Catholic faith, images of Pope Francis are getting the K-pop treatment. Life
"He's a person that needs to be met. A unique person," D'argento said about the pope. Emergency doctor Achille Cavallo explained
Earlier in August, Zocca wrote to Francis, asking if he could give him a gift, according to Vatican Insider. Zocca was shocked
(H/T Rawstory) Pope Francis has been making news headlines for his personal austerity since he took office, telling priests
Pope Francis arrived at the papal summer home, Castel Gandolfo, in a humble Ford Focus which was a far cry from the luxury cars of his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, who travelled around town in vehicles that included a custom-made Renault, a BMW X5, and a Mercedes.
The down-to-earth Pope called for greater austerity from religious figures last week, saying, “It hurts me when I see a priest
"His first one hundred days have already placed him in the category of world leaders who make history," said Vanity Fair
According to Agence France-Presse, Pope Francis has spoken in favor of narrowing the gap between laypeople and the Church
When my 14-year-old, who is not Catholic, asked me whether I "liked the new guy," I told her I didn't l know yet, but that it was unlikely that any guy I liked would ever get that job.
At the same event, Francis went off script to explicitly mention both the church's "virtues and her sins." In highlighting
The simple details of his apartment, his use of mass transit, his visits to wash the feet of AIDS patients, his passion for the poor, cooking his own food, all tell us that this man is about lifestyle Christianity more than perpetual doctrinal food fights.