It is impossible, Holy Father, to be serious about doing anything for the poor and at the same time do little or nothing for women.
ROME -- When Pope Francis travels to Paraguay in July, it is most possible he will recall the way women took charge of this country's future in 1870 after the war. He has mentioned this historical moment before to point out the great risks women are ready to take. Whether he will risk going any further remains to be seen.
The percentage of self-reported Catholic women who say they attend weekly Mass has declined significantly over the decades
“I would like to note, in the context of the increasingly diverse composition of the Commission, the greater presence of
Pope Francis, I am confident you understand the hopes you are raising. As you dip your toe in the river of spiritual healing and change, I pray that you will not lose courage, or just be swept away, but you will stand for justice.
(Cathleen Falsani is the faith & values columnist for the Orange County Register.) On choices: “Each day, we all face the
Sources inside the Vatican have said Francis could reform the Vatican's bureaucracy and restructure or even close down the