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The other, more subtle, argument one hears about Pope Francis's reluctance to admit women to the priesthood goes something
They also urge that Catholic theologians whose opposition to Humanae Vitae caused them to be censured have their reputations
The Pact of the Catacombs is coming to light again after years in obscurity.
Rather than requiring women to ask it for forgiveness, the Vatican needs, instead, to ask those of us whom it has repressed and oppressed for forgiveness of its sins throughout its existence.
For the last 47 years, while virtually every other Christian denomination has approved of birth control and the majority of Catholics use birth control regularly the Catholic Church has fiercely maintained its position that the sperm has a God-given right to try to get to the egg.
Perhaps God has continued to wink at us in ways both small and larger ways through harsh decades, offering hope and promise, despite pervasive corruption and "spiritual diseases" and betrayals akin to what has been happening, but previously ignored, in Rome.
While it might be argued that the Pope Francis's understanding about human sexual orientation, especially LGBTQ's is expanding, and his concern for the dignity and humanity of LGBTQ people is genuinely shown, the pontiff is still a doctrinal conservative when it comes to women.
Last weekend leaders of the Jesuit School of Theology and the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology along with other prominent Roman Catholic thinkers gave papers at the Pacific Coast Theological Society.
Sunday, the Roman Catholic world and many other worlds celebrated the canonization of two new saints, Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II. Non-comatose readers of Sightings need no further attention to be paid to the details and the drama of the even
It's hard for someone who's worked in newspapers and TV as long as I have to feel any sense of wonder over miracles, because we peddle miracles faster than McDonald's slings Big Macs.
Born Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli in 1881, Pope John XXIII is remembered as one of the most popular popes of all time. Over the
VATICAN CITY, April 26 (Reuters) - Emeritus Pope Benedict will attend the canonisation Mass in St. Peter's Square on Sunday
In the first 500 years of Christianity, the Apostle Peter (considered the first pope by tradition) and 47 of his 48 papal
Pope Benedict put John Paul on the fast-track to beatification and canonisation and had Pius XII declared "venerable," the
On Sunday April 27 Pope Francis will formally declare that Pope John XXIII is a saint. It is now more than fifty years after Pope John's death (1963); his reputation for holiness has stood the test of time in a way that cannot yet be said for Pope John Paul II, also to be canonized on April 27.
“Our wish is that it helps to bring the emotion of the event to all of those many millions of people and the world who want
Italian newspaper La Stampa highlighted the excerpt from Barile's book, reporting that Beroglio commented in 2005 that if
The culture war is over. That may be the most important message contained in Pope Francis' remarkable interview with the Jesuit press last week.
“Miracles — events that science wasn’t able to explain — were the church’s answer to the scientific mindset,” he said. In
Reacting to the news, the Jesuit author Father James Martin wrote in an email to The Huffington Post: The Vatican has not