BERLIN (AP) - A new study shows U.S. President Barack Obama is still by far the most followed world leader on Twitter, but
The new prime minister of India, @NarendraModi, just surpassed the @WhiteHouse in fourth place and is likely to have more followers than Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono next week.
He said that while television remains the key channel to hit the widest audience, Twitter is an increasingly-powerful tool
New Ways Ministry is "a 37-year old national Catholic ministry of justice and reconciliation for LGBT people and the wider
The comment rocketed around the world on the wires, websites and Twitter feeds. The Vatican’s English translation, available
Pope Francis thanked his Twitter fans on Sunday, as the combined follower count of the @Pontifex handles which publish simultaneously
Here are a couple of those short, sweet and completely tweetable New Testament phrases: Was Jesus was the original Twitter
A recent study by Twiplomacy reports that Pope Francis is the most influential world leader on Twitter, with the highest
Pope Francis has twitter accounts in languages that are spoken around the world - except for one. Pontifex_In is the Pope's
The account seems legitimate at first glance, but it is actually an old parody Twitter account for the cardinal, as Mashable