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-- As a result of the U.S. military draw down in Afghanistan, the Department of Defense has lost much of its ability to collect
Economically speaking, how did the "reconstruction" of the country work out, given that Washington pumped more money (in real dollars) into Afghanistan in these years than it did into the rebuilding of Western Europe after World War II?
After fighting the longest war in its history, the United States stands at the brink of defeat in Afghanistan. How can this be possible?
The red poppy is a powerful commemorative symbol of soldiers who lost their lives during the Great War and this year, the attention seems to be focused on those who AREN’T wearing it.
While Afghanistan can stand out with its beautiful landscapes and certain historical events such as defeating the invading USSR, for some time now it has had the dubious distinction of being by far the world's largest producer of opium, the raw material of heroin.
The U.S. government has failed to stop the drug trade at home. Washington also has not created a competent, effective, and honest central government in Afghanistan. How effective will Kabul be in limiting opium production when American troops go home?
Just look at that birthday cake! Poppy has a long way to go if she wants to be dubbed the OLDEST CAT OF ALL TIME, however
The Guinness Book Of World Records has recognized the world’s oldest cat. 24-year-old Poppy of Dorset, England is blind, deaf, but still very much alive. And her owners credit her health to exercise, and a diet consisting of fish and chips, KFC, and kebab.
So, why we still have troops in Afghanistan? The list of reasons are endless, depending on whom you ask. One might even say the United States is keeping troops in Afghanistan as a way of maintaining leverage over China due to our recently acquired debt.
Should I hide the fact that one of my favorite (and most requested) cakes is made with a mix? I don't care. The cake is delicious and I'm not ashamed of it.
After taking part in a series of pageants in the UK, the 8-year-old is set to join her first American competition in Atlanta
Bees play a critical role in our ecosystem. About one-third of the world's food supply relies on insects such as bees for
The most effective way to critically disable the Taliban is to drastically reduce their income and delegitimize them among local populations. What has not been achieved on the battlefield may yet be accomplished in the marketplace.
Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Saturday denounced a large-scale drug raid in which U.S. forces and Russian drug agents
This was supposed to be a post about Election Day from the sidelines. My first since 1978 neither voting nor reporting the
In their brief but expensive life, flower arrangements are often seen as impractical and even a waste of money. But flowers
International drug prohibition, headed by the United States, has, in effect, created a global mechanism that is in the process of eating our civilization alive. Fortunately, we can reverse it with a pen stroke.
We are partnering with a symbol of government corruption, which undermines any trust we might receive from the population. We are funding the insurgency we are attempting to counter.
I would like to propose that we consider another strategy -- strategic bombing. Take poppy fields, for example ... For once, we could be using our billion dollar bombers on billion dollar targets.