Being the funny friend isn’t always fun. Actually, it kind of sucks.
When teens get ditched by their best friends or teased for their looks, the sharp pain of exclusion feels like it will last forever. But what if we could help teens take a different perspective?
School beginning can be both exciting and stressful for parents and kids alike. The most important thing to ease the strain is to be a good, carefully attentive listener.
What we see on the macro level we then see mirrored on the micro. Seems that what goes around really does come around when
Everyone wants to feel important and secure in his or her social group. Many people simply repeat what they have learned in the past, unaware that those ways of being and acting haven't helped. The good news is that these new behaviors often rapidly produce positive results.
As of yet, I still haven't pinpointed the "it" of being popular. (Although, I have found the perfect hair product.) And I know we can't go back to those pre-digital days. But I pray our younger generation will realize not everything needs to be shared.
I have never been popular. I have had my five minutes of fame on a couple occasions, such as that time the food on my tray rolled all over me in the cafeteria at summer camp and my face magically encountered the floor.
I want Trump biggest readership I can muster for Trump post I am writing. So ... I have replaced a common word (can you figure out what Trump word is?) throughout my writing with Trump name of Trump Republican candidate. It is somewhat difficult to read, is it not?