Several high school football coaches in Ohio were ousted after a 17-year-old said he was forced to eat pork in violation of his religious beliefs.
The company said 550 of the plant's 2,500 workers tested positive for the coronavirus.
Smithfield Foods' CEO warned of potential meat shortages as he agreed to indefinitely close a giant South Dakota pork processing facility.
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Surveillance video appears to show it being thrown from a pickup.
Pigs that appear covered with feces and sores are headed for processing in the video at one of the largest U.S. pork producers.
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One of the most popular foods in existence, cured and smoked pork belly seems to be everywhere you turn. But there are plenty of other varieties of bacon out there, made from other animals as well as vegetable-based proteins and even one fruit that might surprise you.
Unlike some other ways of cooking ribs, this is not about smoke and seasoning: it's about the meat, its fat and its juices.