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Researchers used infrared cameras to scan for methane gas leaks at over 8,000 U.S. sites.
The current Republican front-runner for president, Donald Trump, has made it clear that the Environmental Protection Agency
"I think as time passes - and it's been three or four months since the gas leak happened - it's easier to prioritize your
Life can begin to return to normal in this Los Angeles suburb, but tremendous damage to the environment has already been done.
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The ruptured well in Porter Ranch, California, is emitting tens of thousands of pounds of methane every day.
Other comments and concepts I loved over the past two days included Moderator Jon Healey's quip about Metro's coming bike
"My fear is that when you actually take a hard look at these facilities, there’s going to be a lot to be worried about," one geologist says.
California shouldn't let the Porter Ranch crisis go to waste. There should be round-the-clock efforts to reduce and end the leak as fast as possible.
California's reputation is greener than Kermit the Frog. But that verdant veneer hides a dirty secret. Despite a governor who considers himself a climate leader, we're still the third biggest oil-producing state in America.
We all make mistakes -- that's why pencils have erasers and renters have insurance. Not all mistakes, however, are equal. If we mess up a math test, we can erase and start over; but if we burn the neighbor's house down, we can't "un-burn" it by labeling it a mistake. Instead, we have to offset our damage by paying to rebuild it.
No clearer indications of a public policy system that has clearly left the rails are the systematic poisoning of the water supply in Flint, Michigan and the natural gas leakage currently sickening residents in Porter Ranch in California.