People on the plane said they heard a loud air swooshing as the defendant yanked on the door repeatedly, the prosecuting attorney said in court Monday.
The team claims Dillon the Pickle wasn't showing his junk — just giving the thumbs up.
"We believe we are obligated to protect our workers and their families, and to offer a safe space for customers," the San Francisco alliance of bar owners wrote.
During the first presidential debate, President Donald Trump falsely claimed that the sheriff in Oregon endorsed him.
President Donald Trump shared a Tweet that called for leaving “Democrat cities” to “rot.”
Federal officers will be leaving Portland, Oregon, after weeks of violent clashes with anti-racism protesters.
Demonstrations have happened in Oregon’s largest city nightly for two months since George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis in May.
“These are the actions of an authoritarian regime, not a democratic republic."
The Trump administration is planning to send more militarized federal officers into U.S. cities.
Sen. Ron Wyden is demanding to know what constitutional authority the Department of Homeland Security has to snatch protesters off the streets.