Portland Police Bureau

"Look at Trump's Twitter ... he's watching antifa. That's all we wanted," boasts former Infowars staffer and protest organizer Joe Biggs.
Police say some "milkshakes" hurled in skirmishes included quick-drying cement.
Jermaine Massey, who filmed parts of the ordeal, says he was a victim of racial profiling in Oregon.
Patriot Prayer had a stash of guns on a roof before a violent Oregon rally in August. Police didn't tell anyone.
Portland wasn't the next Charlottesville. But activists say police almost accidentally killed an anti-fascist protester.
Police canceled the Patriot Prayer’s rally permit as violence broke out in Portland's downtown.
George Elwood Tschaggeny was once praised for his bravery. Today, he's accused of stealing from a dying hero.
“If we allow the government to shut down speech for some, we all will pay the price down the line."
Police arrested a 35-year-old man with white supremacist ties after the attack.
The Portland Police Bureau arrested 25 demonstrators suspected of throwing rocks, bottles and, yes, cans of Pepsi during a May Day march.