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Some cities are trying to make bike sharing more accessible — and to combat its elite image. They’re calling it bike equity.
Research shows children who play in nature are more likely to grow up to be environmentalists.
Micah Fletcher called out the city's "white savior complex" and said the young women deserve support, too.
In a statement, Micah Fletcher also told the city's Muslim community they "are loved."
Survivor Micah Fletcher urges supporters to focus on the girls who were targeted, not him.
“Give it up for love," said Asha Deliverance during the vigil for her son.
"No amount of money will bring back the victims, but we do hope to lessen their families' burdens in some way."
Two men are dead and one severely injured after coming to the aid of 2 young girls police say were being harassed by an alleged white supremacist.
"We have no intention of backing down no matter what President Trump does to discriminate against the LGBTQ community."