Though, there's a reason no Trump portrait exists there yet.
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Mark Clennon's project seeks to highlight the beauty of black fatherhood while debunking toxic myths.
"There's no way to cover your eyes anymore."
"The road to Trump's White House was paved with good intentions."
"Some endangered species aren't worth saving."
Carrey titled the piece "Self-Unmade Man."
The new FE 85mm F1.8 Mid-Telephoto Prime Lens will ship this March for about $600 US and $800 CA. The new 85mm F1.8 mid-telephoto
Natalie Jackson believes in photography because she believes in the stories it can tell. When she thought about the pictures that are often shown of breast cancer and breast cancer survivors, she found them to be cold and clinical. She felt like they never told the whole story.
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In an ironic twist, now that Burch is back in the state he grew up in, his parents, enchanted by Israel on their many visits to see their son, now live there full-time. In a way, Burch muses, it's the closing of a circle that opened decades ago -- when a teenager in search of an identity first asked his mother what exactly it meant to be Jewish.
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Honestly, I like all genres of photography. Maybe it is because I'm an art director and have worked with so many brilliant
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By Hong Soon-do, Beijing correspondent, AsiaToday - China and Cuba are friendly since both of them are socialist countries
The only difference between Jennifer's story and those of so many other transgenders is that her challenges were not systemic
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"Her light shines unconditionally as she has manifested the queen she was destined to be." -Tim Okamura
GPS for the Soul
I find myself agreeing with this. I believe the portrait has meaning when we're moved by the humanity of the people in the portrait. And by the raw power its story tells. Here's one such story.
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As an educator as well as photographer, I sometimes keep in touch with my students after graduation, and it was one such
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John Sonsini's quiet rebellion against #ArtHistorySoWhite.
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In his process-oriented palimpsestic landscapes and portraits, Trimble works at a prolific headlong pace, alone, in a race to execute ideas to his satisfaction before the next ones appear, fully formed, to disrupt the steady silent slap of paint hitting canvas.
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Some five or six years ago, her husband, James, who is a writer, started painting, and recently, their daughter, Jeanne, also