Portrait photography

Monica Lazăr's photos are breathtaking AND educational.
When I was a teen, it was The Dream. "Mad Men" were alive and well and taking the 7:23 into Grand Central every morning. I was in art school at the time in New York City and the idea of working as an illustrator on Madison Avenue only a few blocks away filled my head.
You are the dedicated family historian, and snap photo after photo, trying to preserve every moment. Today I'm here to remind you that printing is the most important part of being your family historian.
So we scoured the 500px archives for the best examples of "all about the eyes" portrait photography. We wanted to put together
At that moment I knew what I was capable of doing and what I wanted to do. Even though I still had a ways to go, I knew where
To see more of Galiya's work or license any of it for your next project, head over to her 500px account, take a tour through
her by Nina Masic on 500px Alina by Dmitry Arhar on 500px Carry by Simeon Kolev on 500px There's a simplicity to it, held
For each collection she creates, Alexia meticulously deconstructs the vision in her mind's eye; then she sets about creating
It used to be a little disconcerting to me that everyone was considering themselves either a professional photographer or
This entire process is fascinating and you get to see it all unfold in this 5 Min Portrait, 1850's edition! My RAWtalk with