Portrait photography

I find myself agreeing with this. I believe the portrait has meaning when we're moved by the humanity of the people in the portrait. And by the raw power its story tells. Here's one such story.
When I was a teen, it was The Dream. "Mad Men" were alive and well and taking the 7:23 into Grand Central every morning. I was in art school at the time in New York City and the idea of working as an illustrator on Madison Avenue only a few blocks away filled my head.
You are the dedicated family historian, and snap photo after photo, trying to preserve every moment. Today I'm here to remind you that printing is the most important part of being your family historian.
This post originally appeared on the 500px ISO blog. When it comes to portraits, it's hard to argue against the saying, "it's
The Woodsman Before I even picked up a camera, I made videos when I was a kid. When I was in junior high, I saved up enough
To see more of Galiya's work or license any of it for your next project, head over to her 500px account, take a tour through
Carry by Simeon Kolev on 500px Feel the melody by Nina Masic on 500px Every tear a waterfall by Maja Top?agi? on 500px Like
I haven't seen the movie "Still Alice" because my mother has Alzheimer's disease. While she slips away into the advanced stages of this ferocious illness, I can't watch anything that illustrates the journey my family is on.
I've been obsessing over 18th Century France in my work for years now. I've focussed a lot on the life and fashions of Marie
After getting to know Nina through Caleb's eyes, I wanted to find out a few more things to share. I asked Nina to oblige
This entire process is fascinating and you get to see it all unfold in this 5 Min Portrait, 1850's edition! I invited Giles
I am not getting wrinkles. I'm gaining character in my face. Those laugh lines were meant to be there. So were the furrows between my eyebrows.
Anyone who has opened a photo album, a graphic news story or a stunning issue of National Geographic knows the power of a
More Than Violet makes room for the unexpected and ask questions of girlhood, womanhood and the uncomfortable idea of being looked at.
When we retouch, we say to our clients, "You're better this way." "You're better with a flatter tummy." "You're better with skinnier arms." "You're better with a rounder bum." "You're better without that scar." Who do we think we are?
Photos of us are everywhere -- and they live forever. Unless you're Kate Upton, this can be a scary thing. But it doesn't have to be.
If you've ever seen Chris Rock's hilarious, yet thought-provoking documentary "Good Hair," then you recognize the cultural
Shooting with medium format in an outdoor studio, his recent project has focused on the Egungun masqueraders.
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