"I somewhat sheepishly posted one of the photos. Within minutes, my feed was blowing up."
At the unveiling of their official White House portraits, former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama shared what the art means to them.
Scarlett Baily, who talked to Central American migrants while they rested in Mexico, hopes her drawings will change Americans' "fear of migrants for a collective empathy.”
In the midst of a sexual harassment revolution, female photographers are finding ways to infuse a historically fraught (and male-dominated) tradition with empathy.
An inspirational woman needs all the space she can get!
“It is a day where death is lived with joy," says photographer Diego Huerta.
"I am providing for my family. I feel like the boss, but it is hard."
Photographer Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek took the athletes’ portraits before and after the contest.
Leffel’s paintings have, for more than five decades, maintained a conversation with Rembrandt.
Out of many (photos), one (incredible mobile art exhibit).