"Together we can put white supremacy down, flip it and reverse it."
The idea of a road trip in summer can either make you cringe or bring joy to your heart.
You are also the author of a trilogy of novels, Snow Island, Evening Ferry, and Island Light. How did you approach Penny
"People sometimes ask me if there's anything Donald Trump could say that would make me not vote for him, and there is one
Portsmouth -- the historic home of Britain's muscular naval fleet -- is adapting to a future with a smaller navy presence and more pleasure craft and tourists.
I keep seeing examples of how our aggressive, high-powered, corporate-driven society is just accepting the reality that the climate is changing. Flood gates are being built on streets that never needed them before, in anticipation of storm surges becoming more common and damaging.
Megan Lancaster, the mother of a 9-year-old boy, was last seen in Portsmouth on April 3, 2013. Her vehicle was later found
Nestled between historic Portsmouth, NH, and York, Maine is Maine's oldest town of Kittery (settled 1623) which for most folks from "away" as Mainers call visitors, is nothing but a two-mile stretch of brand name outlets.
Generally, tourists head to New Hampshire for its mountains and lakes. It is the Granite State, after all. But this four or five day mini-escape introduces you to New Hampshire's riches of a different sort: military, government, education, antiquities, all with a sense of adventure and fun.
Portsmouth police were notified of the incident at about 9:06 a.m., WTKR News reported. A "Code White" was reported at Naval
Should I stay or should I go? Is a 'Stay-Tirement' for you? In my quest to figure out the next phase of my life, the "where" piece continues to be the big question mark. Part of me wants to have a big adventure before I'm too old to physically have one. (Although, what's too old?)
Sam Sodje of Portsmouth was a sore loser. Jose Baxter of Oldham was probably a sore winner. There's also the occasional plunk
Heather Pinon, T.'s sister, believes he got the sexually transmitted disease after having sex with other boys in his restricted
"Backyard tanning was a success, including nips ;P Ugh! Dread having not having A\C in a hawt ass house! Time to take a cold
Fred Karger doesn't mind if New Hampshire voters don't know him as well as the seven other Republican Presidential candidates