positive affirmations

"Who do I need to ask for support?" In his wonderful book; "The Power of Habit", Charles Duhigg explains that habit accounts
You have more control than you think, says author Caroline Webb.
Abbe struggled with severe self-esteem issues and fear of imperfection. During some time off from school and counseling, she found that she could uplift herself and positively turn her life around.
It hasn't been easy and I certainly haven't always felt happy but I've done my best to display a positive attitude outwards, in the constant hope that I would convince myself to feel positive too. "Fake it 'til you make it" works for me and I wanted to share my thoughts on ways to fake being happy with you too.
Don't Quibble. In the biblical story, Esther was going back and forth, not accomplishing anything. In a moment of crisis
Leave your worries at the door.
You're capable of anything.
If I were in a car, I'd miss the sound of hummingbirds. When I thought I heard a swarm of hornets hovering, Alan held out
We're told as children that adulthood means having everything under control; but life doesn't really work that way (just
One day I was staring out into the ocean. I was focused on the movement of every wave -- the way it effortlessly glides and moves to the shoreline. I was looking at the wave one moment and in the next moment I was looking at the entire ocean.
We make our own misery. Life is hard enough, but we make things worse by exaggerating our failings and piling up proof of our deficiencies. In a particularly bad mood, we can slip into a litany of missed opportunities, slip-ups, failures of nerve -- while giving ourselves hardly any credit.
You have the power to turn anything around.
Research shows that 70% of self-talk is negative or self-critical. These kinds of thought patterns can be altered to infuse more positive energy into your head and break the habit of negativity. Here are some positive affirmations to repeat, when you feel a wave of negativity coming on.
Build yourself up instead of tearing yourself down.