positive attitude

An expert tells us that it's possible to find the positive in any situation.
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Most decisions in life can be made within 90-seconds of understanding the challenge.
Being grateful does not have to be this big thing -- remember the title of this article ... quick, free, and easy. Your giving thanks can be exactly those three things. If you want to make them more involved, go for it. Here are some examples on both ends:
Social media likes are our currency of choice. Some are good, more are even better of course.
Unwittingly step on someone's psychological landmine and forgiveness may not readily arrive. Most of us have negative, mental explosives buried beneath the surface of our conscious mind. They are armed and ready to be triggered with a misplaced word, look or deed.
Saying yes is infectious! So, get those positive pants on, go forth and say YES! Let's start a yes revolution!
I have lived 93 years with no stop sign in sight. Nothing wrong with that scenario. If I'm going to celebrate, it's going to be a celebration of waking each day with the same energy and love for living.
Adopting an attitude of gratitude helps us to be lighter in life so we can see the humor and joy in our moments. It also helps us to recognize what a gift and privilege it is to be here alive in the world.
I have friends that are younger and friends that are older. Some are really successful, others are starving artists. And of course, I've got a few lost souls in my collection as well.
Most men shop for need and women shop for emotion. We browse and they buy! I love to see everything even if I don't need anything. My mailbox is filled with catalogs that fill me with excitement. They are placed in a bowl by the couch just waiting for the time I can relax and flip pages.
We may know of 1,000 success and happy-ending stories for others -- but where do we pull our energy from when we truly feel like giving up? I've got four ways to hang in there when the going gets tough.
Receiving the opportunity to live a full life is meant to be a gift, not a burden. It all comes down to our perception and approach to life. See what happens when you add an element of gratitude to your view.