positive body image

Because you can't love anything until you can love yourself.
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My friend and I took my 2-year-old twins to the pumpkin patch last week. We had a great time, mostly because I think we both experienced the day through young eyes.
It's not easy, but I promise you, life is so much better when food takes a backseat to actually living.
My body is my tool. It is the only body I will ever have so I will treat it well and I will love it no matter what it looks
Jos-Madelaine Standing, an expert on how to move beyond trauma, has influenced people across the US and Canada for over 10 years.
Think about your life and all the things you're trying not to be. A bad parent? A distant friend? A nagging miserable spouse? A yeller? A phone addict? The least productive person at work? Does fat really rank that high?
Then again, maybe I don't. I don't want everyone to know what I know. I don't want the sidewalks to become as crowded as
Teach your daughter that her beauty is unique to her. She doesn't have to conform to that latest "it" body type just to fit in. Show her how to cultivate her own inner confidence in who she is, regardless of what society says.
Can't imagine wearing a bikini in public? Or a miniskirt? Even shorts? True, you could continue to wear maxi dresses until they go out of style. Or you can say "F*** it" and do what this mom did: Pose nude for an art class and learn to love the gorgeous and unique body you have.