positive thinking

An expert tells us that it's possible to find the positive in any situation.
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On the other hand, in my workshops I share myriad tools such as authentic communications, yoga, meditation, eating healthily
The next time you're doubting yourself and feeling overwhelmed, remember: You've got this.
2. Create Your Rules After the 30-day yoga challenge, I decided to allow my mind and body to choose the best yoga practice
Kara Baskin is a Boston-based journalist who writes about food, health, wellbeing, and lifestyle for The Boston Globe, Boston
1. Figure out your needs In sum, feeling positively about ourselves takes effort. But by changing our views, we can change
I also tend to think Einstein was pretty, crazy smart, too! And to be clear, I'm not comparing my son's intelligence to Einstein's
This time leading up to December 14th, specifically the weeks after Thanksgiving, is always a bit harder than every other day. I have found over the past 3 years, 11 months and 17 days that when something horrible happens in your life it becomes wholly a part of you.
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Highly successful people seek to spend as much time as possible with positive thinking, success-minded people, who are not
2. Turn those website visitors into loyal subscribers by offering them something free in exchange for their email address
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This weekend my older son and family came to visit for their son's first birthday celebration. Conversations covered many topics and reminiscing became part of the pattern of the days. As I thought about our moments I recalled a memory from long ago shared by my father and me.
If your post-election mood is taking you on a roller-coaster ride, you may be falling into the sticky trap of pessimism. Do you find yourself saying that this divisive, mean-spirited rhetoric and behavior is likely to become a permanent feature of our society?
The imposter syndrome is where you believe that you are unqualified to be doing what you are in fact doing and that people
3 Positive Contagious Behaviors Exercise: Here are two sample ways to incorporate laughter into the workplace. Find a comic