positive thinking

An expert tells us that it's possible to find the positive in any situation.
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Although I am a Licensed Psychotherapist, from my New Age perspective, being diagnosed with a disease or disorder or affliction
I've said it before, but with so much distraction, uninterrupted focus is a rare superpower these days. One of my friends
The next day I was ordering my coffee at Starbucks and the barista squinted at me. "You look so familiar," he said. I couldn't
The next time you're doubting yourself and feeling overwhelmed, remember: You've got this.
1. What do you want for yourself this year? Once you get an answer. Go to the next question. Regardless of what your goals
Most of us spend our days bouncing from obligation to obligation--work, carpool, meetings, you name it--at the expense of
There are several tricks to avoiding this bias and being a better thinker. The one I'm going to share today is to visualize
In recent years there have been tons of studies comparing the pros and cons of reading something digitally or in print. I
What gives you a sense of self-worth? Each of us is one of a kind. When we cherish our eccentricities and celebrate our flaws