No one can demand loyalty and fidelity; it can only grow out of trust and respect. The depth of trust, security, and intimacy can only manifest when we are both committed to ourselves and our partner, and give our love freely, never on demand.
This woman's story helps shed a little more light on the tangled-up relationship humans have with their things, a subject which has led many to conclude, somewhat cynically, that "we are what we own."
It's all delicious and addictive, but on top of the central mystery, there is so much more to relish in the book. Byatt's satire of academia is pitch perfect with characters representing different strains of scholarship joining the hunt.
Soliloquy reflects my relationship experiences with men and how they've affected my life. But also, the more universal idea of commitment and how we can give in so selflessly and lose control over ourselves at such extremes.
The Maryland House of Delegates has voted to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana.
It has long been known that people with high blood pressure should avoid salt. But one family that does not have those salt concerns is instead going out of its way to avoid pepper -- their pepper shaker is giving them high blood pressure due to its being possessed.
Martin told police that he had lived with a Korean woman, his then-girlfriend in his Riverside home about five years ago
Clearly you've been taken over by the devil who needs to be driven out. Who ya gonna call? For more than 20 years, people
Faith is powerful, yes, the film posits, but so are the forces of darkness. It's not an easy fight and woe to the man who thinks it is.
Ashley Bell is the "star" of the new thriller The Last Exorcism. Talking to her, you find a warm, witty 24-year old who studied hard to make her character believable.