The plaintiffs said they were subjected to abuses that include 23-hours-a-day solitary confinement, strip searches, sleep deprivation, and beatings.
Those post-9/11 dreams of global domination shared by the top leadership of the Bush administration proved wildly destructive and it's gotten no better since. Consider the vast swath of the planet where the devastation is most obvious: the Greater Middle East and North Africa. Then ask yourself: Are we still in the American Century?
A superpower also has a moral responsibility to handle its power appropriately. Similarly, its artists have a responsibility to consider the "can" and the "should."
The basic question is: As writers, what is our relationship to our times?
Fourteen years later, thousands of innocents killed represent international criminality and immorality of the first order. No one in Washington has yet taken the slightest responsibility for blowing a hole through the Middle East and helping to create the first true terrorist state of modern history.
Remind me who, even among opponents and critics of the Bush administration's invasion of Iraq, ever imagined that the decision to take out Saddam Hussein's regime and occupy the country would lead to a terror caliphate in significant parts of Iraq and Syria that would conquer social media and spread like wildfire.
The idea that we were now in an eternal "wartime" became part of the post-9/11 atmosphere. At the same time, George W. Bush famously called on Americans to act as if everything were normal -- to spend, vacation, and visit Disney World.
You tried so hard to instill your beliefs on to me. I grew up thinking that God hated me, that I was constantly doing something wrong. I'll thank you for one thing though: you made me understand that Islam is perfect, but the people practicing it may not be.
On the anniversary of 9/11, many Americans will take a moment of pause to consider the lives affected by the day's tragic