post baby

Carrie Underwood gets real with her post-baby body as she graced the red carpet for the first time since giving birth to her second child.
Kardashian's lack of public appearances since the June 15 birth of her daughter is certainly notable. The only time she has
hen I had my first baby and it was just me in my body again, I began to feel anxious about my new identity as a woman. I switched gears from being okay with losing myself to grasping tightly to the idea that all would be lost if I let the old me, the presumed "real" me, go.
When my friends and I decided to pose for photographs of our post-baby bodies, I don't think any of us anticipated what would happen next.
The tabloids love to promote the 'How I Got My Body Back' feature with every new celebrity mom. Heidi Klum famously strutted her stuff eight weeks after giving birth. The reality is, it isn't real.